Release the Kraken! Powering Up the Monsters in CYCLADES

By Doug Mann, March 2016

One problem critics have pointed out with what is otherwise a great game is that some of the monsters are underpowered, and that all but the Kraken disappear after one turn. These rules revisions attempt to power up these monsters. If you’re willing to pay, they all survive beyond the first turn when they appear.

THE KRAKEN: The Kraken operates during its first turn as in the standard game. If you pay 4GP in its second turn, you can move it one sea zone, destroying fleets there. This increases to 6GP in its third turn on the board, when you can move it one last time. If you don’t pay these extra fees, the Kraken goes inactive, though remains where you left it.

POLYPHEMUS the CYCLOPS: After his first turn, if you pay 2GP at the start of your turn, he will stay on the board, operating like a standard troop. He can attack, defend, and be killed, but will not move. You can activate his special “naval force field” in subsequent turns for 4GP. He does force the Kraken to move when his power is activated. If you don’t pay his upkeep, he disappears.

MEDUSA: After her first turn, she stays on the board if you pay her 3GP upkeep at the start of your turn. She disappears if you don’t pay. She moves like a regular troop except that she has the option of sneaking onto an enemy island without attacking any troops there. You can use Medusa to freeze all troops on the same island during your turn. Frozen troops cannot move or attack until your next turn, though they still roll a defence die if attacked. Turn them on their sides. Enemy troops attacking across the sea onto her island are not frozen. Medusa can be attacked by non-frozen troops.

THE MINOTAUR: Operates as in the standard game, counting as two troops, except that you can pay him 2GP upkeep to stay on the board at the start of subsequent turns. He cannot move. If you don’t pay his upkeep, he disappears.

CHIRON the CENTAUR: If you pay an upkeep fee of 2GP at the start of your turn, his piece stays on the board and moves and fights like a regular single troop. If you don’t pay, he disappears. He still protects against the monsters listed.

PEGASUS: Though not a miniature, Pegasus has the powerful ability to transport troops across the board. To limit this a bit, though players can still buy and use Pegasus, you cannot use Pegasus to take a metropolis or minor building that allows you to win the game on the turn you use it.

UPKEEP COSTS IN GPs: Kraken 4/6/X, Polyphemus 2 + 4 for power, Medusa 3, Minotaur 2, Chiron 2

Rules revision by Doug Mann. These rules are experimental: if you see any flaws after trying them out, please mention them in the comments box.

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